SteadyPass - DIY boat speed control kit

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Started in May 2016 - offered DIY kit for sale.   Plan to improve integration and offer complete kits later .  Hopefully in 2018

Board + LCD:  to be custom-integrated by you. 

Kit price:  $199 (shipped in continental USA)

Please email me (from contact form) to order.

  You will need: Servo with mount , signal cable from board to servo (20 to 22 AWG, 3 wire) , mount board + LCD in your enclosure. 

Linear servo  option is easy to build but needs $100 in parts: 



One of cable options like:

Or go Cheap&Cheefull with RC servo  directly mounted to throttle rod (see pics).  With time and DIY skills you can be on the water for as low as $30 for servo side.

Kit components:  (video: )


Main board with GPS

GPS antenna header

USB connector for FW update or logging

LCD and Encoder headers.

8-pin signal connector

Separate power lead (not shown)

GPS antenna

Solderable 8-pin aviation connector

Servo connector (3 pin, not shown)

Encoder with cable (plugs into board)

One of 3 LCD options: 

1.8” – 42mmx21mm viewable area, polarized, white backlit

2.2” – 48x24mm  viewable area, fits in 3.5” gauge, white backlit

3.1” – 71x35mm viewable area, no backlight.

Other SPI-interfaced LCDs possibly could be supported

Optional: 3D printed LCD holder (free)  – please ask

Board specifications:  

 7 to 24 volt DC.

 6v 4A (adjustable) power regulator onboard for servo.

 Supercap RTC backup – immediate GPS startup within 3 hours of power down.

 Two digital temperature sensors input.

 RPM input: negative coil lead or square 5v

For $50 extra per order – I can customize mounts/size of board to fit your application.

All boards are made manually and per order.

I will accept 90 days returns with no questions asked, and will do my best to support/repair at later stage.  Firmware is customizable and updatable.

Planned for 2018+:

Complete unit inside enclosure with servo AND with warranty.

Price:  about $370


  • Main unit integrated.
  • Power and servo cables.
  • Active external GPS antenna.
  • Linear servo with mount.
  • 2 waterproof temperature sensors (air and water).
  • 1 year complete warranty with no-fee return.
  • Lifetime best-effort support including FW customization.



ps cheaper RC servo is still in works, but from my experience - linear servo is a much better fit.